Having a strategy is one thing. Being able to pull it off is another.

IXG PR is positioned to assist organizations in developing and implementing strategies that help respond to uncertainty, embrace curiosity, and plan for possibility. Our end goal is to help organizations be a better place to work through breaking down silos and delivering results—and it starts with internal capacity building and nurturing relationships.

No matter what industry you’re in or what issues businesses face, IXG PR is willing to work to improve organizational performance at all levels.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Interactive Discovery Sessions

IXG advisors help uncover your organizations strengths and challenges. From there, we help identify goals for organizations and help devise a plan to reach them.

Action Plans

After identifying organizational goals and opportunities for improvement, IXG PR will help develop an ACTION plan with measurable outcomes and deadlines to keep projects on track and maximize success.

Organizational Development (Human and Strategic Elements)

IXG experts help leaders devise strategies for how to implement policies, procedures, and programming that help the organization be agile while providing a productive and positive work environment.

Talent Management and Acquisition

An organization is only as good as its talent. We help leaders implement strategies that attract the best talent on the market and develop programming and policies that will help talent feel integrated into their work community and proud to be part of their organization.

Culture Advisor (Diversity, Inclusion, Outreach and Compliance)

Everyone wants to feel like they belong. Creating a welcoming and safe environment for individuals from all walks of life is key to organizational success. IXG PR provide training best practice guidelines and gives actionable strategies that can be implemented to increase diversity, inclusion and equity in the workplace.

HR Support and Planning

The most successful organizations have HR operations that think strategically and plan ahead to meet any potential challenges an organization may face. IXG PR helps HR teams develop forward-thinking policies and mindsets that help organizations adapt to any situation.

Executive Coaching and Conflict Resolution

Being a leader often means always being at your best and setting a positive example for the organization. But sometimes they can become overwhelmed due to the demand. IXG PR offers executive coaching and conflict resolution to help organizations work through their challenges.

Organizational Model Implementation

IXG PR helps organizations ask the right questions when implementing organizational models creating workflows that support organizational change.