Our Services

We are the premier public relations firm ideally situated to understand and navigate the unique the intersection of press, politics, policy, and people.

When your organization is in need of strategic communications advice to navigate a crisis, protect a brand, advocate for an issue, or win an election, IXG is positioned to deliver.

Why Do You Need a PR Partner?

Savvy organizations know the power of effective public relations. Having a skilled PR partner collaborating with your brand can transform it from a mere player in the field to an industry powerhouse.

Create Awareness

No matter what industry you operate in, building awareness of your brand is key. IXG’s PR pros will leverage an array of communication tools to build the awareness necessary to earn you industry respect and new clients.


A skilled PR partner can help educate stakeholders and prospective clients on your brand’s values and mission, highlighting what differentiates you.


PR professionals are masters of persuasion. Through a highly refined communication strategy, IXG will assist with effectively onboarding stakeholders and building your reputation as a confident industry leader.

Our Capabilities

Message Development

We work with you to craft key messages, supported with major points and research-based evidence. The result? Clear, convincing communications that earn your stakeholders’ trust and make sure they understand what is at stake.

Collateral Development

Using industry research and best practices, we work with our clients to create visually and digitally compelling materials that can be leveraged in outreach and education efforts.

Media Coaching

Dealing with media can be a daunting prospect. Making sure you say the right thing, convey confidence, and earn trust are critical when dealing with the press. We put our public relations expertise to work for you, helping you build the skills necessary to effectively collaborate with media and to convey confidence in all media interactions.

Earned Media

We leverage our vast network of local and national media connections to enhance their understanding of your organization and how it fits into the larger landscape of local, state, and national issues. Earn the media attention you deserve and see your organization’s news on residents’ kitchen tables or digital devices through a winning earned media strategy.

Stakeholder Outreach

Through multi-faceted outreach strategies, we help you build your message and then educate stakeholders on your efforts and impact. Whether you are looking to communicate with and get buy-in from internal or external stakeholders or both, our services help you craft an outreach and communication strategy to accomplish your goals.