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Posted @withregram • @bolsterupbiz If you have your own business (even if you’re brand new), you’re a CEO. Your own boss. There’s so much you can do when starting your business, but today, let’s chat about what NOT to do. Here's 3 things you should NOT do when starting your business:

❌ See investments as unrealistic expenses
Being a CEO is totally different than being a business owner. And it has a LOT to do with a difference in mindset. Just because something costs a lot of money does not mean it’s an unrealistic expense. 

Learn to prioritize your growth as a line item in your budget (or list of goals). Just because you can’t invest right NOW doesn’t mean you can’t attract it (and the resources you need to invest in it) later on when it’s a better fit for you.

❌ Prioritize cheap over quality
No shame on anyone who offers their services for a lower rate/price. But it's an industry/entrepreneurial standard that cheap isn’t synonymous with quality. When you invest in quality, you typically will care more about whatever you’re investing in. 

❌ Do everything yourself (or spend time learning the nitty-gritty about EVERY little thing)
Time is the only resource you will never control (or ever have again). You only have this moment once. Now. The DIY phase in your business, at least for most new business owners, will hold you back if you hold onto it for too long.

If you’re ready to shift your mindset + grow your business, then tune in next week when a big announcement drops about our NEW AccessEd program launching August! We'll be sharing everything you need to build a business you love.


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Posted @withregram • @dr.smc Can you recall a time when somebody genuinely complimented you on a job well done or even for just dressing up for the day? How did that make you feel? I bet, those words somehow made you feel extra warm inside and boosted your confidence more. That’s the power words of affirmation could provide. Taking a few minutes from your busy schedule to observe and appreciate your co-worker, friend, or colleague could be a game-changer.

Words of affirmation do not only apply to love languages among partners, it also plays a crucial role in the dynamics of teamwork and collaboration. Taking a few minutes from your busy schedule to observe and appreciate your workmate, friend, or colleague could be a game-changer. Complimenting someone for the quality of their work or their attitude towards each task could motivate them to do even better and reach goal after goal, faster and even more creative than you’d imagine they’d do. Simple yet very motivating, and as a leader, you have to keep them going – YOU HAVE TO MAKE THEM WANT TO DO AND BE BETTER.

But remember! Be sincere when giving compliments. People can easily detect sarcasm, insincerity, and fake motivational speeches. Do it from the heart and lead by example. That way, you’ll create an environment that cheers everyone up instead of tearing each other down.

🗣 I challenge you to notice and compliment someone today.

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Posted @withregram • @dr.smc Sometimes we’re so caught up in our hopes for the future that we forget to live our NOWs. We think to ourselves that if we sacrifice more today, we’ll reap more happiness tomorrow. What we often don’t realize is that this kind of mindset could take us into years of misery without fully enjoying what we do every day or appreciate who we spend time with. We don't want to wake up one day and realize not much has changed and regret the days we spent worrying about the future when we could have lived in the moment.

No moment happens twice, so if you feel joy today, bask in its warmth. Don’t dwell on the negativities in life and instead try to see the goodness in every day. It doesn’t have to be something big to be significant. Good weather is a thing to celebrate, being able to have three meals in a day is a blessing, extra time with your loved ones could mean a lot and even appreciating the gift of nature every once in a while is a luxury in this life.

Be present. Tomorrows are our today and today is all we have.

Wishing you a joyful weekend ❤️

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We would like to express our deepest congratulations to the newly elected Mayor of Compton, Councilwoman Emma Sharif!

The journey was tough but she conquered and the IXGPR Team is proud to be part of this success. We know how pure her heart is and how well she’ll reciprocate the love and support given to her by the City of Compton.

Mayor-elect Emma Sharif ran with five visions:
• Tackling Home Issues
• Finishing Street Repair Projects
• Recruiting Business That Will Bring Revenue to The City
• Increase Funding to Expand Senior Citizen Programs
• Public Safety

What a moment to celebrate. Congratulations once again!

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Posted @withregram • @dr.smc Progress is progress, no matter how small and we need to start honoring that. The moment we do, we start to be more aware of ourselves and the values we hold dearly – we start to believe in the power of our transformation.

Overcoming our insecurities and struggles takes a PATIENT mind and a LOVING heart. Moving forward with that wisdom demands that you be INTENTIONAL with your decisions and actions or else you might risk wasting your precious time and resources.

The following is the A-C-T-I-O-N I use in my overall PLANNING so I thought I would share:

Assessment is about taking a pause and reflecting on your reality. You may have to say NO to certain behaviors in your life that are no longer serving you.

To choose means to FOCUS on which behaviors and actions you must enhance and/or CHANGE. Choosing what’s best is to choose what’s best for YOU and your WHYs.

Tell-truth means accepting that you’re not a superhuman and nobody is. You have to stay true to yourself and be honest about the things that you CAN and CANNOT do.

After gaining the clarity you now have a more realistic approach to your goals. You’ll gain a better understanding of the benefits and risks of every decision you’ll make. For example, IF I do what I’ve chosen, Told myself the TRUTH, THEN I should get my desired outcome.

This is where the essence of being INTENTIONAL is crucial. Here, everything should be put into perspective. You need to prioritize which comes first and which comes last and provide a concrete flow of communication to increase the chances of executing resourcefully and successfully.

Once your mindset has shifted to growth mode and you understand what needs to be done you are now ready to take on the challenges ahead, no matter how difficult it may seem. Remember, a step a day goes a long way.

I hope this reminds you that every step of your journey is worth the tears and joy that you’ve felt along the way.

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Posted @withregram • @bolsterupbiz Take the risk and step into your epic transformation & pure GROWTH!

In this journey to starting your business, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with all the advice out there.

The power is right inside you. You just need to stop holding yourself back!

Once you've found your ground, once you've found your voice, success comes to YOU.

To learn more about Dr. Charles follow her @dr.smc

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Double tap if your brand deserves recognition 💁🏾‍♀️

If your brand has solved a problem through a product or service, don’t keep it to yourself.

Let IXG create your brand’s development plan, strategy, and/or makeover so your brand is recognized among the millions of services and products offered globally.

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In 2019, the HR Certification Institute quoted a study performed by Accenture in 2018 on 140 US companies that praised the economic value of a diverse workforce. This study found that the companies leading the way in disability employment and inclusion had (on average) a 28% higher revenue, 2x the net income, and 30% higher economic profit margins.

There’s no shame if you need help integrating diversity and inclusion into your brand. We at IXG are here to support you. Click the link in our bio to get started today!